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Xtar MC1 Single Bay Li-ion Charger
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Xtar MC1 Single Bay Li-ion Charger


Taking care of your batteries is probably one of the most important things you can do to ensure the best possible vape and reliability from your devices.

The Xtar MC1 is a single bay charger and the smallest of the range, but small does not mean lacking .. this charger will take any 3.6/3.7V Li-Ion battery you throw at it… from 10440 right up to the big boy 26650’s! Yep even the largest cell in normal vaping will fit in the belly of this teeny beast.

It employs Three Stage charging to maximise you batteries lifespan and also has a “soft start” to avoid high current dumping into the cell when it is first inserted.

The maximum charge current is 500mA and when done it will automatically shut off.

One feature it has not found on many chargers is a 0 Volt start function, where if your battery is slightly over discharged this charger WILL initiate and recover it to the base voltage then resume the charge. Although not recommended for highly discharged cells, this can indeed “rescue” a cell that has been inadvertently over-discharged* This should only be used as a last resort however. The XTAR MC1 will of course still monitor these (and any cell placed in them) and if there is a detected problem will not continue the charge.

Features and Specifications:

  • Charges a wide range of li-ion cells 10440/14500/14650/16340/17500/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650/18700/ 22650/ 25500/26650 3.6V/3.7V
  • 500mA Max 3 stage Charging algorithm
  • Soft start feature with full cutoff (Although not recommended this means cells may be left overnight etc)
  • Only 22x26x92mm – Super compact for travelling
  • Powered by included USB cable
  • Reverse Polarity, Overcharge, and Short Circuit protection.
  • Net weight 40g


  • Includes:
  • XTAR MC1 charger
  • Usb charging cable
  • Soft pouch/cover
  • User manual and box

Note: Batteries shown in images are NOT included


Safety Notes
1. Charge only rechargeable 3.6/3.7 V lithium-ion batteries.
2. Charging any other types of batteries may cause them to leak rupture or explode.
3. Do not disassemble or modify any part of the charger or use as a power source.
4. Always unplug the charger from outlet before attempting maintenance or cleaning.
5. This charger should not be used by persons without adequate training or knowledge


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